We have opened the Harzresort at am Brocken das Schierke

The Schierke Harzresort am Brocken celebrated its opening on 15.12.2017 in glorious winter weather.

Not even ice and snow were able to disturb the preparations. Right on time, all access roads had been cleared of fresh snow by daybreak and an almost 70 cm high blanket of snow clad the Harz landscape in a beautiful winter garment.

The approximately 130 guests accepted our invitation to the opening ceremony and took part in the jolly, festive celebration with live music and witchery at Heinrich’s.

The Schierke Harzresort am Brocken now welcomes its guests to the site where the historic Heinrich-Heine-Hotel once stood.

Schierke itself is one of the main tourist attractions in Saxony-Anhalt. With over 1.5 million day visitors a year and around 200,000 overnight guests to date, Schierke is one of the country’s most popular destinations.

The state of Saxony-Anhalt was very happy to support the project development with 4.5 million EUR in order to drive the tourism location Schierke further forward.

The first guests moved into their holiday homes in the afternoon and filled the resort with life for the first time.

From now on the 36 wooden holiday homes with a capacity of 196 beds are available for relaxing days in beautiful Schierke. “Whether young or old, couples in love, families or groups – there is something for all of you “, Frank Woksack stressed, “Welcome to the Schierker Harzresort”.